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At Atomic Sheet Metal in Austin TX, whether you are a home owner, building owner or a contractor looking for a reliable sheet metal shop, Atomic has you covered! 

If you’re a contractor, you know that metal roofs are a hot trend in Austin and Texas these days. Their long lasting value and beautiful architectural appearance has made them the most popular upgrade to a shingle roof by far. With that being said, you need a sheet metal shop that knows what matters in building a metal roof with precision.

If you’re a home-owner looking to replace your metal roof or upgrade, please know that our vast experience with sheet metal, and virtually every other common roofing system out there, makes Atomic Roofing and Sheet Metal your one stop for trusted and proven experience that will make your purchase an informed and well planned investment. Repairing a metal roof can be challenging and is best left to experienced professionals. If you have a leaking metal roof and need repair help, call us today for assistance

Our resources allow us to custom fabricate flashings for metal and other kinds of roofs with precision and efficiency. We can fabricate for you AND we provide installation as well! 

Beautiful metal roofs, gutters, metal wall siding, soffit panels, metal fascia, awnings and small to large metal buildings are examples of what you can get from Atomic Sheet Metal. Other flashings like scuppers, collector heads, coping caps, receiver flashings and more can all be provided at Atomic. We stock screws, caulking, clips, and synthetic underlayment for your convenience as well.

We serve all of Austin and the surrounding cities in central Texas. Our team has helped guide General Contractors, Architects and Home Owner’s Associations in their interest in metal roofs. Many roofing companies have moved their business to Atomic Sheet Metal because our roofing knowledge has proven to be a huge help in their success in the field!

We use premium quality, American made steel with the highest quality of Kynar 500 paint finishes and warranties. Many of our colors are Energy Star Approved for residential tax credits and we also assist in financing through www.greensky.com. 

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Address: 3416 Andtree Blvd, Austin, TX, 78724

Phone: 512-808-8997

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