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Turnkey Estimating Available

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“Turn Key Take Off”

If you want Atomic to handle the take off and material estimating of your project, you’re in luck. While we advocate you learning to be a self sufficient metal roofer, we also understand you might be a selling machine and want to focus on that. Submit your info below and request a TURN KEY TAKE OFF. We will get in contact with you and get to work for you. Just like you, we don’t work for free, we work for success. Which is what you’ll get when Atomic handles your job turn key.
This is available for New Construction and Re-Roof jobs.
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Don’t Be Shy

We at Atomic Sheet Metal know that learning how to estimate material on a metal roof can be a tough nut to crack. Which is why we have put together some products designed to make that task easier and more accurate. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help as we do have a process that is required to even order from us. Learning and being a better metal roofer is mandatory at Atomic Sheet Metal…the difference is that we are here to help. We know the poor attitudes found at the metal shops down the street from us and further. Take in a deep breath, you’re with Atomic Sheet Metal now.
When you sell a metal roof, remember that metal requires
1- More measurements than a shingle roof.
2- More precise measurements than a shingle roof.
3- A cut list of panel lengths to order the metal from Atomic Sheet Metal.
4- Accurate pitch measurements from every slope of the roof.
5- Close observation of the roof deck and fascia of the building your metal is going on.
Download our Atomic Launch Sheet for an easy guide to success in taking off a metal roof properly.

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