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Roof Panel Profiles

SS100 Mechanically Seamed 1″

  • 1″ Tall
  • Double and Single Lock

SS150 Mechanically Seamed 1.5″

  • 1.5″ Tall
  • Double and Single Lock

SS450 SL 1.5″ Snap-Lock

SS450 SL
  • 1.5″ Tall
  • Snap-Lock

FF100 Snap-Lock with Nail Strip

  • 1″ Tall
  • Snap-Lock with Nail Strip


Custom Profile and Computer Assisted Production

To order Custom Profiles please click the button below and return the order form to Atomic Sheet Metal


Underlayment products for use beneath standing seam metal roof systems should be carefully selected to provide a roof system that performs optimally throughout the life of the building.
Atomic Sheet Metal has researched the available products and firmly believes that the Synthetic Underlayment line is the best value and highest performing, mechanically attached underlayment for high temperature applications needs to be posed by metal roofing. As a result, Atomic Sheet Metal stocks two GAP Roofing underlayment models.


GAP Synthetic Guard Shield

GAP Synthetic Roofing Underlayment is a grey polypropylene two-side coated woven fabric with a top polypropylene non-woven slip resistant surface and used as a secondary roofing protection, mechanically attached to the roof sheathing and under an asphaltic single application.

WaterGuard Architectural Metal and Tile Synthetic Underlayment

GAP WaterGuard AMT Architectural Metal & Tile Synthetic Roofing Underlayment is a polypropylene, two-side coated woven fabric containing a patented slip resistant surface.
Atomic Sheet Metal has chosen GAP as our in stock underlayment and is confident that our product will perform wonderfully for your next metal roof project. Variables such as exposure time, slip resistance and mil thickness are typically a metal roofer’s first concerns. Appropriate ASTM qualifications have been met by GAP Underlayments for the technical minded architect.

Equipment Atomic Sheet Metal Utilizes

New Tech Machinery - SSQ MultiPro Roof Panel Machine

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The most advanced…accurate…user-friendly, multi-profile, roof panel machine ever. Don’t trust any machine or any fabricator to roll form your product. Atomic Sheet Metals uses the best equipment and most experienced technicians to manufacture your product. Forget the rest and Join the Best… Atomic Sheet Metal!

Tired of rough cuts? Wrong and inconsistent sizes? Five inches is 4 and 7/8 inches 3/4 of the time? Why are you still putting up with dinosaur technology and substandard skill applied by your over priced sheet metal vendor? Forget the rest and Join the Best…Atomic Sheet Metal!

Schechtl - Computerized Shear - SMT

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Shechtl - Computerized Brake - Max

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This state of the art, computerized sheet metal brake ensures absolute consistency with every piece. If 50 pieces require a 5/8″ tight hem…they are all exact. 118 degree angles are ALL 118 degree angles. Human error is eliminated with the Schechtl Max 3100 and our highly trained technicians turn metal, into precision driven art so that you can shine in the eyes of your customer. Forget the rest and Join the Best…Atomic Sheet Metal!
Berridge has made a name in the architectural metal market in Austin, Texas and the Nation. Atomic Sheet Metal has been selected as an authorized Berridge Dealer as a result of our investment into the philosophy and high standard in the metal industry. If you have a Berridge specified project, visit atomic Sheet Metal for your Berridge equipment rental, fabrication, delivery and watertightness warranty facilitation. Berridge’s main office is a busy office, however, atomic Sheet Metal is an extension of that office, so make it yours as well. Forget the rest and Join the Best…Atomic Sheet Metal!

Berridge - SS14 - Roll Forming Panel Machine

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